Homeowner Tips

    1. When your landscaping starts to slope toward the house instead of away, it is important to get it corrected as soon as possible
    1. Make sure all rain gutters are free of debris and all down sprouts discharge at least 4 feet or more away from the structure. Rain gutters must be checked for debris quite frequently if trees are close by.
    1. Do not plant anything within 4 feet of your structure that requires watering.
    1. Do not water any closer than within 4 feet of your structure.
    1. Do not let lawn fertilizer pellets land on your concrete around your home because they will make brown rust spots. (It makes your concrete look ugly and the spots don’t go away.)
    1. Do not use salt on your concrete. For best results use sand. Some deicing products also can cause concrete deterioration.
    1. If you start to see cracking in foundation walls, drywall, doors start sticking or won’t latch you need to have your home checked by an experienced Structural Contractor or Professional Structural Engineer.
    1. You could experience serious cracks or breaks in your foundation or crawl space walls if the following happens:
      1. When front porches or stoops drop excessively – sloping away from your structure.
      2. Patio’s with a thicken edge also are a serious problem if the drop sloping away from your structure excessively.
      3. These conditions is liken to a big pry bar on your foundation wall if the concrete is attached with rebar into the foundation wall. Alltypes Concrete & Construction, Inc. has the technology to check if rebar is present.
    2. If you see white fungus on your basement walls or basement floor it means there is a presence of moisture under or behind the concrete. Over time this condition causes the concrete to deteriorate and crumble. (I have seen this condition many times over the years.)
  1. This is a foundation wall that is deteriorating asa result of poor landscaping and drainage. When water is trapped behind a foundation wall this condition may be the result. If a proper interior drain system was installed this problem may have not happened. Sometimes site conditions are such that outside drainage cannot be properly obtained. Therefore a special designed interior perimeter drain, sump pump and pit must be installed to relieve the water behind a foundation wall.
Please contact Alltypes Concrete & Construction, Inc. if you have additional questions regarding Engineering or repairs.