Landscaping & Drainage Correction

Improper Landscaping – Above
To avoid the possibilies of this happening to your home, proper landscaping is necessary.

Proper Landscaping – Above
This is proper landscaping – keeping the water away from the structure.

Samples of some of the landscaping Alltypes Concrete & Construction, Inc. has done:

(Figure 1)
(Figure 2)
(Figure 1 & 2) Here are two different types of stone walls and landscaping style.
(Figure 3)
(Figure 4)
(Figure 3 & 4) Pictured is landscaping with 6 x 8 pressure treated timbers in multi levels with steps to retain a steep hill behind a home in west Denver.
(Figure 5)
(Figure 5) Pictured is an iron railing attached to a new timber retaining wall.
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