Construction & Repairs Denver

Alltypes Concrete & Construction, Inc performs many different types of repairs and phases of construction.

We don’t just do Concrete repairs, we also do wood structure repairs as well, from wood decks, walls and much more.

Below are just a few examples:

(Figure 1) (Figure 2)
(Figure 3) (Figure 4)
(Figure 5)
(Figure 6) – Above
Because of excessive foundation movement, the brick was removed and replaced with a 2×4 stud wall, insulated, installed Celotex™ fiberboard, then finished with the siding shown in figure #7.
(Figure 7) – Above
(Figure 8) – Above
This picture demonstrates sawing a concrete basement foundation wall to install a 4×4 egress window.
(Figure 9) – Above
Installed egress window. This is a thermo pane vinyl window with a metal frame. The complete window is designed to lift out of the frame if the homeowner needs to pass large objects through it into the basement. This comes complete with the window well, escape ladder and meets all local fire codes.
(Figure 10) – Above
A sliding glass door was installed to access a new redwood deck built by Alltypes Concrete &Construction, Inc.
(Figure 11) – Above
This picture shows a bathroom remodel. Because of a leaking toilet stool on the second floor of this house, the wood sub floor was replaced and new marble tile installed. We also installed the new vanity, sink, and a new toilet stool.

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