All Types of Concrete Problems Denver

(Figure 1) – Left
When the dirt settles under a stoop, porch or patio, it can cause damage to the foundation wall if the rebar is attaching the concrete to the house. It can become a very powerful pry bar causing the foundation wall to crack or break. We have seen this so many times. We do not attach exterior concrete to the foundation wall. We use a different method to support new, stoops, porches and patios.
(Figure 2) – Right
New stoop and walk
(Figure3) – Left
New driveway
(Figure 4) – Right
A concrete skirt or walk around the house with a slope away from the structure is often used were a lot is flat or hard to obtain drainage away from the structure.
(Figure 5) (Figure 6)
(Figure 5 and 6)
These picture shows installation of rebar reinforcement. All rebar reinforcement needs to be installed on plastic chairs at the proper height to resist uplift or settlement of the new concrete. The size of these bars and spacing is very important to provide proper strength of the concrete. Reinforcement of concrete varies depending on whether it is in a walk, porch, patio, driveway, or concrete walls, etc. In some cases wire mesh is used as reinforcement. This method does not necessarily make the concrete stronger but if the concrete should crack and try to separate it helps hold it together.

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