Structural Concrete Repair Denver

Our Business is Dealing with Foundation – Water – Structural
Soil – Concrete and Related Problems.
Professional Engineering Available
We are Experienced at Correcting the Following Problems:
Concrete Problems
Removal and replacement:
Wood Decks
Basement floors
Retaining walls
Garage floors
Steps & Porches
Drain valley pans

Basement & Crawl Space Water Problems
Interior perimeter drain systems
Exterior interceptor drains
Sump pumps and pits
Site drainage correction
Foundation water proofing
All other types of water related problems

Structural Repairs
Expansive and Settling Soil Problems
Helical Foundation Piering & Tiebacks
Helical Retaining Wall Tiebacks
Concrete Sister Walls
Structural Wood Walls
Suspended Basement Floors
Foundation Re-leveling
Foundation Underpinning
All other types of structural repairs

Proudly serving Denver Colorado and the entire Denver Metro area!